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• Where are you located?

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals is located at:

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• Why do web sites and browsers use temporary files? How does this affect linking to 7th Circuit Opinions?
Web sites and browsers use a technique known as "caching" to increase performance. Caching involves the creation of temporary files. The web server does this to maximize the number of simultaneous users it can service. Browsers do the same on user hard disks to make re-display and browsing appear almost instantaneous.

Users should be careful not to link to cached temporary files, either in a servers "temp" directory or on their own hard disk. This applies to both third party web pages as well as user bookmarks. Temporary files go away once they expire.

Users who want to link or bookmark 7th Circuit Opinions can use links found in official 7th Circuit web pages. If you do not know how to copy a link from a web page, here are some detailed instructions. For archival link integrity, however, the better practice is to copy files of interest, store them in your own permanent place, and link to them there.
• Why don't some of my old bookmarks work? I made the bookmarks from links on the 7th Circuit web page.
Links on the 7th Circuit web page are updated regularly. If you make bookmarks from our internal links, they will stop working when we make revisions to our web site. It is suggested that you only bookmark our root page at http://www.ca7.uscourts.gov. Otherwise, you will need to manually update your bookmarks from our current web page whenever your bookmarks become obsolete.
• Who do you call to find out case or scheduling information?
Call the number listed on the Contact Info page for the Clerk's Office
• Who do you call to find out about a docket sheet or opinion that is not available on the web site?
Call the number listed on the Contact Info page for the Clerk's Office
• How long do you archive opinions on the Seventh Circuit Web site? Less than one year?
Opinions are not archived on the Court web site. Our purpose in placing opinions on our web site is to disseminate new opinions as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is no fixed time period for keeping opinions on the 7th Circuit web site. It's really subject to the availability of disk space.

As of February, 2000 there are opinions on the web site going back to 1991. You can use the Browse button on the Opinions Search page to get an idea of what's on-line at any particular time.
• What is the schedule for uploading 7th Circuit opinions to the web?
There is no fixed schedule or time of day in which 7th Circuit opinions are uploaded to the web site. Opinions are placed on the 7th Circuit web site throughout the day as they are readied for final presentation by our slip opinion publisher.
• What is the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals policy regarding the limiting of access to its public records for the purpose of preserving the privacy of litigants?
The Court of Appeals policy is to not limit access to its public records, except by formal application to the court to seal proceedings or records on a case by case basis. Such an application would have to be made by formal motion papers, with appropriate notice to all parties. Applications to seal appellate proceedings or records are made to the Court of Appeals. Applications to seal trial or other lower court records are made to the appropriate District Court or Bankruptcy Court where the case was filed.
Is advance notice of opinion publication available from the court?
No. The court gets the final opinion product via the web site at the same time as the public does.
• How can I create a PDF document?
Creating Documents with PDF Formatting


Documents in PDF format are currently being used with an increasing frequency within the judiciary and over the Internet in general. The reason for this is that PDF formatting creates a highly "portable" document. With PDF formatting, documents can be exchanged with their original formatting intact without regard to the word processor or computer system of origin.

WordPerfect 9

Click File, Publish to PDF... from the menu bar.

WordPerfect 10
Click File, Publish to PDF... from the menu bar.

Word 97
Requires the acquisition of Adobe® Acrobat® or other PDF producing software.

Word 2000
Click Acrobat, Convert to Adobe PDF... from the menu bar.

This program will create a "virtual" printer called Acrobat® Distiller and/or Acrobat® PDFWriter. These "virtual" printers can be selected as the output device for printing and a PDF file will be generated as the output rather than a physical copy. When this PDF file is generated, you will be given the opportunity to name and save it as you wish.

Note: Shareware and non-Adobe® PDF generating software is also available on the open market. The court does not have any knowledge of the functionality, reliability or quality of any shareware products.

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