Electronic Leave Management Organizer




The Clerk’s Office of the Court of Appeals will begin using the Electronic Leave Management Organizer (ELMO) in March of 2002. 


ELMO requires that employees record their own leave requests electronically.  Supervisors will receive electronic notice of their staff’s leave requests and will be able to approve the requests electronically as well.  ELMO will only allow requests if employees have, or are projected to have, enough leave of the type specified by the time the leave is to be taken.  This eliminates manual verification of leave balances before approval takes place.


ELMO does away with printed leave requests.  ELMO keeps an electronic password, this password is used to protect your official leave record.  Personnel will issue your password to you.  It is strongly recommended that this password remain confidential.  If you believe that the confidentiality of your password has been violated, please contact Personnel for a new password.


With ELMO, employees will be able to track their own leave balances for present and future pay periods at any time.  The system is able to project leave balances based on assumed accruals and posted leave requests.  There will no longer be a need for quarterly leave status reports.


For managers, an ELMO calendar lists all employees with approved leave requests each day.  To see who is or will be out on a given day, you can scroll through the months and click on the appropriate date.  This feature can be used to determine if the approval of leave requests will compromise departmental coverage.


At the end of each pay period, managers will print their bi-weekly Report Certification Form using ELMO.   This report lists all of the leave taken by each of the staff in the department and acknowledges that everyone in the section worked their scheduled hours and/or used the appropriate amounts of leave.   This report is to be printed, signed and delivered to the Office of Personnel.  When Personnel receives all of the manager’s reports, they will close the pay period and update everyone’s accrual figures and ending balances.  This report will take the place of the present leave verification that is produced in WordPerfect and e-mailed.