Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Circuit Mediation Office


Welcome to the Circuit Mediation Program of the
U. S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals conducts confidential mediations in fully­counseled civil appeals in accordance with Federal Rule of Appellate  Procedure 33 and Circuit Rule 33. The primary purpose of Rule 33 mediations is to help litigants resolve appeals without the need for a judicial decision.

Most types of civil appeals are eligible for mediation. Pro se appeals are not eligible, nor are habeas corpus, sentencing or mandamus appeals. The Court spontaneously schedules Rule 33 mediations in hundreds of appeals each year. If your appeal is eligible, you may confidentially request that a mediation be conducted.

To learn more about the mediation program or request mediation, call the Circuit Mediation Office at (312) 435-6883, or write to us at the United States Court of Appeals, 219 South Dearborn Street, Room 1120, Chicago, Illinois 60604-2024.

You are also welcome to call or email any of us directly. We look forward to working with you.

Joel N. Shapiro
Chief Circuit Mediator  312-582-7381

Sylvia Doss
Administrative Assistant  312-582-7383

Rocco J. Spagna
Circuit Mediator  312-582-7385

Stephanie Jackson
Legal Assistant  312-582-7384

Jillisa Brittan
Circuit Mediator  312-582-7382

These resources may be helpful preparing for a Rule 33 mediation or deciding whether to request one:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Mediation Program

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