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Explanation and Important Deadlines  
  FEHB forms are due 60 days from the first day of employment to elect health insurance coverage.  
  SF 2809 - Health Benefits Registration Form

For complete FEHB information, visit: OPM (Office of Personnel Management): Health Benefits. 

If choosing an HMO, you must select a Primary Care Physician and indicate that selection on the bottom of your enrollment form. You must be on the payroll for at least one day before you are eligible for health insurance.

Your health insurance will become effective the first Monday of the following pay period in which this office receives your completed registration form.

If you decline coverage at this time or wish to change coverage at a later date, you must wait until the next open season enrollment held in November of each year. During this time new enrollments and changes in plans or options are permitted. Changes made during this period become effective the beginning of the first full pay period of the coming year.

Federal Employees Health Benefits Reference Materials
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Federal Employees Health Benefits Election Form SF2809
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last updated: 12/07/2017